Unveiling Our Latest Product, The OYFM-7000…
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Unveiling Our Latest Product, The OYFM-7000…

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In the continuity of our efforts to provide solutions to individuals facing mobility challenges; OYMotion Technologies was proud to introduce its latest innovation at the China International Medical Equipment Fair 89th edition: the OYFM-7000.


Recently developed and designed by OYMotion, the OYFM-7000 Smart Portable Finger Exoskeleton represents a significant leap forward in our ongoing mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals facing mobility challenges. With its advanced features and intelligent design, this groundbreaking product is poised to revolutionize rehabilitation efforts, offering users a versatile, portable, and highly effective solution tailored to their unique mobility needs.

Crafted from lightweight materials, the OYFM-7000 is not only comfortable for extended wear but also allows users to move their fingers freely, facilitating normal work and daily activities. Its compact design enables easy storage in a backpack, ensuring convenient use while on the go. Additionally, the exoskeleton's intelligent assistance capabilities, which include user’s grip strength detection and tailored support through sensors and algorithms, help reduce finger fatigue and enhance grip strength, ultimately improving overall hand function.

Furthermore, a standout feature of the OYFM-7000 is its versatility in rehabilitation applications. Whether its addressing finger movement disorders resulting from central nervous system injuries such as stroke, or complications following peripheral nerve injuries; this innovative device offers comprehensive support for individuals undergoing rehabilitation. With three customizable training modes – Passive Mode, Remote Control Mode, and Assistive Mode – users can tailor their rehabilitation experience to meet their specific needs, optimizing outcomes and maximizing potential for mobility restoration.

To conclude this week's news, and if you would like more information on the products offered by OYMotion Technologies, please visit our website and its “products” page by clicking directly on the following link: https://www.oymotion.tech/products.html

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