They Talked about Us: CGTN French Channel
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They Talked about Us: CGTN French Channel

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We are thrilled to share with you our recent international appearance in CGTN French's latest documentary entitled “Ensemble pour l’inclusion” translating into “Together for inclusion”.

Set in December 2023, this documentary tackles the subject of accessibility for people with disabilities in China, sharing the innovations that are helping to improve their daily lives.


Source: CGTN Français: Documentary - "Ensemble pour l'inclusion"

Embodying OYMotion's motto, "Technology Empowers Life", CGTN journalist Mélina Zhao vividly illustrates the transformative potential of innovation at the service of people with disabilities, presenting not only a present marked by real improvements through the reinvention of urban spaces, but also a bright future, where groundbreaking innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) embedded in the latest smart objects are revolutionizing accessibility.

Therefore, we are delighted that CGTN French Channel has included OYMotion products among these promising solutions by shedding light on our robotic hand prosthesis, the OHand™ Intelligent Bionic Hand, while explaining how this technological solution can help to recover a “normal” mobility for people who have undergone amputation of the hand or more broadly, an upper limb.


Source: CGTN Français: Documentary - "Ensemble pour l'inclusion"

It's always an honor for OYMotion to be featured by such a prestigious platform, which helps us to highlight our commitment to innovation in assistive technology and our drive to continue making a positive impact on people in need.


Source: CGTN Français: Documentary - "Ensemble pour l'inclusion"

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your participation in our ongoing journey, as the valuable support you give us around the world remains crucial to the pursuit of our mission.

We thank you for your continued commitment, as we collectively strive to make a significant impact.

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