OYMotion Technologies Celebrates Its Anniversary…
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OYMotion Technologies Celebrates Its Anniversary…

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This week marks the anniversary of OYMotion Technologies Co., Ltd. establishment in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.


Since its establishment in March 2015, OYMotion Technologies has been on a mission to empower lives through technology.

Putting our heart and soul into this final goal of enhancing mobility and independence at a reasonable price point for those with movement disabilities or suffering a limb loss; We expanded our product lineup over the years, offering intelligent solutions from bionic hand prosthetics like the OHand™, to wearable exoskeletons including our latest innovation, the intelligent portable finger trainer, and our armband rehabilitation series, the gForce.

To conclude this celebration, embracing the concept of “Technology Empowers Life”, we strive to provide users with more intelligent product solutions, and we will continue to explore and innovate in the fields of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, as well as other related areas. Relying on our strengths in research and design, we want to enrich the functions of our products and develop high-end sensor systems and core components for bionic robots and other solutions.

Lastly, by further expanding our product portfolio and integrating them into broader usage scenarios, we aim to offer more intelligent, integrated solutions for the healthcare/medical rehabilitation field.

Established in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in 2015, OYMotion Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech startup in Shanghai.
    6/F, Bldg 2, 222 Guangdan Road, Shanghai, PRC




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