OYMotion, OHand™, An Assistive Bionic Hand Prosthesis with No Concessions...
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OYMotion, OHand™, An Assistive Bionic Hand Prosthesis with No Concessions...

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In our latest article, we delve into the remarkable capabilities of OYMotion's OHand™, a cutting-edge bionic prosthesis that leaves no room for compromises.

As a quick overview, the OHand™ stands apart from traditional artificial limbs, equipped with myoelectric sensors that intricately track signal variations. This technology recognizes and interprets user intentions into corresponding gestures, enabling unparalleled control and versatility.

Additionally, our innovative bionic hand, meticulously manufactured by OYMotion Technologies, weighs a mere 495 grams, offering users the ability to perform a myriad of tasks, from delicate actions like pinching to more complex activities such as holding chopsticks.

Furthermore, one of our users and testing specialist, Wu Zheng'an, attests to the transformative impact of this robotic prosthesis in his daily life. From typing to retrieving items and even riding a bike, the OHand™ opens doors to a world of possibilities.


In alignment with the motto of the company, “Technology Empowers Life”, the innovation behind this intelligent bionic hand enables its user to perform the full spectrum of everyday tasks seamlessly and independently.

In fact, in a world where possibilities know no bounds, OYMotion Technologies takes on the challenge of redefining the obstacles faced by individuals with limb disabilities, nearly reducing them to zero. This ambitious goal is made possible by the adaptability and minimal compromise embedded in our bionic hand prostheses.

As a result, the OHand™ Intelligent Bionic Hand is designed to accompany users without concessions, in highly demanding daily places like kitchen, and can be very useful to help you performing your favorite everyday tasks like cooking…


Furthermore, not only ensuring a smooth and empowering cooking journey from performing actions like chopping, stirring, or flipping; our bionic hand ensures its user to embrace the kitchen with newfound confidence.

Indeed, our products do much more than simply ease its user’s life, as our Founder and CEO - Ni, emphasizes that OYMotion’s OHand™ extend beyond practical solutions, serving the dual purpose of addressing psychological needs and solving daily issues: “Another purpose of the bionic hand is to meet the psychological needs of customers and make them more confident”. And this feeling of confidence or empowerment, obviously comes from the ability of having “natural” mobility without the need to constantly ask for help, as you are now able to perform certain activities and enjoy the beauty of daily life.

Lastly, and to conclude this article with a powerful testament to the transformative impact of our technology coming from Wu Zheng'an's encounter with a user in Fujian province who hadn’t spoken to his wife for nearly a month, suffering from the loss of his limb by always worrying of being a burden to his family… Ultimately, Wu says that “after we introduced the bionic hand to him and helped him adapt, he became optimistic and found a job!”, which is the reason why we believe that our technology can truly empowers the life of people in need.

So, let’s unleash the chef in you with OYMotion – and if you wish to learn more about the OHand™ product you can also find the following article in the “News” section of our webpage: https://www.oymotion.tech/A-helping-hand-with-a-difference-id68187517.html

Cheers and see you in the next article...

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