Introducing A New Category of Innovative Products: The Smart EEG Machine Series
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Introducing A New Category of Innovative Products: The Smart EEG Machine Series

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In our relentless quest to provide the most intelligent solutions to individuals, based on our motto: “Technology Empowers Life”, we are thrilled to reveal our new innovative range of products: a series of smart Electroencephalogram (EEG) machines, which tackles the mysteries of the human brain and offers pioneering advances in the fields of neuroscience…


Designed and crafted by OYMotion Technologies, to provide researchers, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike with unprecedented insights into brain activity, these new emerging products integrate high precision, portability, and intelligence to unlock new frontiers in understanding cognition, behavior, and beyond.

With high performances in accurate recording of EEG signals and providing complete outputs, it offers powerful technical support promising to redefine the landscape of neuroscience research and unlock the mysteries of the brain.

The first product in this groundbreaking series is the OB-3000 Smart EEG Machine. By capturing signals from the brain's electrical activity, it allows a real-time reflection of an individual's neural state and thought processes. Also, with its expandability, wireless connectivity, and dry electrodes, this device enables seamless, standardized analysis based on an intelligent analysis platform, making it a superior intelligent solution for clinical data analysis.

Next in line is the OB-1000 Smart EEG Machine, primarily used for non-invasive real-time collection of EEG data. The dense array of 64 sensors significantly enhances spatial resolution, allowing easy and precise capture of brain signals from the surface of the scalp. Thanks to its wireless and real-time data collection/transmission capabilities, these data can be safely saved and analyzed, providing invaluable insights into human brain activity.

Lastly, the OB-5000 EEG Machine is a high-precision EEG and Electrocardiogram (ECG) acquisition device, enabling the extraction, amplification, filtering, display, and recording of EEG and ECG signals. It can perform real-time analysis of ECG, heart rate, and heart rate variability, suitable for various scenarios such as neuroscience research, attention training, and sleep monitoring. It helps users explore brain activity more efficiently, while also providing high-performance open-source tools for developers to further enhance its capabilities.

To conclude, and whether you're exploring cognitive processes, studying neural dynamics, investigating neurological disorders, or even just a curious enthusiast…
Our Smart EEG Machines empower you to delve deeper into the inner workings of the mind and help you to monitor your health while learning about how your brain works on different tasks.

To learn more about the Smart EEG Machine Series and explore our full range of products, visit our website, and discover the next frontier in neuroscience research now by following this link: https://www.oymotion.tech/products.html

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