2023 Technology conference
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2023 Technology conference

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OYMotion is proud to introduce you its products for this 2023 technology conference held on July 21st in Shanghai.

Over 100 people from our distributors and the main CPOs in China came here to learn new technologies and communicate with each other, making it a successful and pleasant moment for everyone.


It was the opportunity to introduce to the public some of our best technologies, for example OHand Intelligent Bionic Hand that uses artificial intelligence and algorithm to allows precise manipulation to the user;   Pneumatic Hand Trainer is used for hand therapy which can treat neurological and movement disorders;   gForce series which uses virtual intelligence games to increase muscles functionalities and improve arms mobility and the Upper Limb Intelligent Exoskeleton Training Device made to assist on everyday activities.

This conference was a good opportunity for OYMotion and our partners to communicate about our new technologies and products.


We are happy to build a better future surround by new and effective technologies to assist our customers in their new life.

We are looking forward for the future to give a way to “Magic Now”.

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Established in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in 2015, OYMotion Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech startup in Shanghai.
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